welcome to whitedoor!

At whitedoor, llc, you’ll experience the uniquely personal journey of awakening to the Truth of who you really are by building on your connection with Creator/God/Spirit. Students and clients with a variety of belief systems come to whitedoor, where everyone has the opportunity to live a life aligned with that Truth.

So often, we find ourselves living a life where we are trying to appease others, avoid conflict, change the past or avoid hurt. When we do that, we are not experiencing/aligned with our Truth. At whitedoor, we provide a space for self-exploration using our down-to-earth methods to allow you to find your center and reclaim a life of peace, joy, trust, and understanding.

Your personalized journey will lead you to reconnect with knowing that you can empower yourself in your own awakening to Self, allowing a more authentic expression of who you are and understanding the difference you make in the world.

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